Al Nuaimi Council in Syria and the lavant

It's a social and political organization based in Kaudna Al Nuaimiya,It helps to activate the social and human energies for sons of tribes and clans in civil society to be more effective in an organised and institutional work

The president and founder of the council:                                                                               Dr mosaab                      

 El Sheik, Doctor Musab Saleh  Tahhan Al Nuaimi, He was born in Damascus in 1970 he was the founder and president of the council since 2011. He was a neuro surgeon in Federal Germany, he has a bachelor degree in laws and political sciences from Beirut Arab university and he has studies in philosophy of politics, social psychology, anthropology and economy from several universities in Germany.

The experience of political work:

Political action file

In 1997-1996 he was responsible for foreign students in the student parliament in German Rostock university.

In 2009-2011 he was a member of German left party.

In 2011: He was a candidate for proportional list in municipal  elections in German Hanover.

In 2012: he was a member in the green party.

Syrian file:

In 2011: he was a member in executive Bereau in the syrian conference if opposition in Antalya.

In 2012 : He was a member in the syrian national council.

He was a representative of the syrian opposition conferences.

Syrian tribal  mobility:

In 2011: He was a member and founder in executive Bureau for syrian tribes council.

In 2012: He was a member and founder in executive Bureau for syrian tribes council.

In 2017: Tribes and clans of the Euphrates.

In human rights file:

In 1997: He was an effective member in an international Amnesty organization.

In 2015: He was a member, founder and president of Arab coalition of the Arab court for human rights.

Membership in German organizations:
1- Deutsche Atlantische Gesellschaft
2- Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik
3- Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung - Freundeskreis
4- Der Freundeskreis der Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik e.V.
5- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik6- Amnesty International
6- Amnesty International
7- Transparency International Deutschland e.V.
8- Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen e.V. (DGVN)
9- Deutsche Gesellschaft e. V.
10- Deutsch-Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft e.V

The curriculum of the council:

Apolitical council is based on democracy and How to deal with attitudes with a special way in national, Sensetive and country problems which must take unified attitudes from here, the council is keen to unite and accept multiple views to reach the high goal that benefit people.

The council's vision:

Study of the Nomadic society from every where as it's possibilities, all his needs and how to benefit from it in all ways.

The premises of the council:

Tolerant Islamic law as a source of values principles and ethics.

Respecting Islamic law and preserving Arab traditions and values.

Human values are dictated by our religious bringing up and basics of our Arab Islamic civilization.

Respecting freedom and human rights for everyone who lives in Syria.

Council's objectives:

The main objective

Al Nuaimi tribe should play an integral part of the powers in modern syria and be a component of building the modern syrian state.

He is pioneer for tribes and clans in carrying out historical responsibility and call for banding ,support and agreement on a common word.

The other objectives:

  • The council of Al Nuaimi tribe enables us to serve our homeland and people in Syria with inherited resolve from our sons and grandparents to entrench affiliation of members of the tribe for their syrian home and their Islamic nation.
  • Activating the national role of El Naeem tribe and it's representative in arabic and international fora.
  • Enhancing noble and human values which contributes to developing ssociety.
  • Regaining the original status for syrian clans which represent half of the society stabilizing tribal culture and its values which come from Islam and our Arabic values in deep history.
  • positive contribution in building modern Syrian country through creating an educated generation and being able to benefit from civil aspects and tribal inheritance and get rid of all downsides of each other.
  • Preparation of organisational and political cadres from Nuaimi's sons to contribute to administration and building modern syrian state according to organizational and institutional structure.
  • Calling for syrian tribes to unite their rows in a single pool, resilience cooperation and synergies with all spectrums opposition.
  • Equality between sons of homeland
  • Working with all syrian people to spread freedom, justice, peace and living together.
  • Any tribal, doctrinal and racism strife, every one is equal in duties and rights saving security and civil peace.

About the council activities:

On the political side:

Al Nuaimi council in Syria and Levant takes part in some syrian opposition meeting regarding the syrian issue in all places and international fora.
Starting from Antalya conference in Turkey in 2011 where the first opposition conference was held through the syrian clans conferences in the German capital and also participate in an international not governmental to benefit from their experiences as Red cross organization and Doctors without Borders organization.

On the relief level:

A council had established Al Nuaimi charitable  which was able to supply the northern and central regions of Syria with a lot of relief aids of clothes, medical equipment and medicines and other relief items.

The establishment has established Al Nuaimi's field hospital in Hama countryside and Al Nuaimi primary school in Raqqa country side on the other hand the council has helped alot of injured for treatment abroad.

Al Nuaimi council in Syria and the Levant in March 2017 has had a message of thanks and appreciation from under secretary general of united Nations and Dr Khawla Matar because of efforts to support the syrian people in current plight.

At the military level:

During the syrian revolution in November 2011 then formation Al Nuaimi fighter Squad by Abo Hussain Al Nuaimi to defend the homeland and honour and also the council has close relationships in the tribe fighters in the rows free and syrian army .

One of the advantages of those relationships is rescuing the French news paper Edit Buffet from BaB Omar as a result, the council received a letter of thank and appreciation in 2013, From the French previous president Sarkosi.